At just four years old, Jacob is a rock star on the drums, following the lead of his dad, Alvaro, who is also an accomplished drummer. "He plays better than me," Alvaro says.
"He has the gift."

Jacob's exceptional talent on the drums is not the only extraordinary part of his young life. Before Jacob was born, his family learned that Jacob has a life-threatening kidney disease. "They told me that my baby was not going to be able to be born," says Rosa, Jacob's mom.

Jacob defied the odds, but his critical illness requires countless trips to the hospital and many exhausting treatments. Through it all, Jacob's love for playing the drums is a constant beacon of hope and strength.

Jacob wished to have a drum set of his own, so he could escape into his music even on his toughest days. When Jacob saw his towering sky-blue drum set for the first time, he beamed with joy and raced toward the set.

Make-A-Wish® invited Jacob's family and friends to a special concert starring Jacob and his drums. Joined by his church choir, Jacob put on a joyous performance that filled the room with hope for a bright future. Friends and family wiped away tears as they watched him perform, relishing the moment his heartfelt wish came true.

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